Quick Guide to Understanding Casino Bonuses

传奇手游sfOne of the reasons why online casinos have grown in popularity are bonus offers. These promotional goodies are created so players would have continuously reasons to return to that particular online casino. The greater the competition in the field gets, the greater the casino bonuses get and now it’s not unlikely to encounter bonuses that reach to even thousands of dollars. As a first time online casino player, you might initially be confused by the vast choices, so we put together this quick guide that explains the most common casino bonus types.

Bonuses for new players

传奇手游sfEvery decent online casino offers some sort of a sign-up bonus that you are eligible for if you don’t have an account in that casino yet. These bonuses can be various, but often they are matching bonuses that you can receive after depositing money to your casino account. Several casinos offer a welcome package not only for the casino games section but as well for poker, betting and other gambling categories the casino has. More info about casino bonuses for new players on (in Finnish).

No deposit bonuses

传奇手游sfBonus that doesn’t require even one cent of your money – sounds too good? Well, you better believe it because many online casinos offen no deposit bonuses for new players. Such bonuses are rather small and might just give out a few free spins, but in the end the bonus still means you don’t need to risk with your own funds.

Bonuses that match your deposit

传奇手游sfThese bonuses are undoubtedly most common. Matching bonuses mean that the casino will give you a cash bonus according to the amount you deposited and the percentage up to which they’ve agreed to match the deposit to. For example, if the casino offers a 100% matching bonus up to 200 dollars and you deposit 100 dollars, you will receive 100 dollars. These bonuses are commonly around 50 – 200% but may be even higher.

Loyalty bonuses

传奇手游sfBesides rewarding new players, casinos also need to keep their loyal players happy. For that they have implemented VIP programs and loyalty bonuses that are meant for players who’ve become regulars at the gambling site. You can usually receive a bonus according to your VIP level and by playing more you can climb to higher levels.

High roller bonuses

Not only long-time players are rewarded generously – same is often done for those who like to splurge on games and spend more than an average player. For such players, casinos have implemented larger deposit bonuses that often work as percentage bonuses.

Cash-back bonuses

Cash-back bonuses are common in sports betting but they ain’t no stranges in casino games section either. As you could assume from the name, a cash-back bonus gives the player back a little sum of their money. Often, the cash-back bonus can be redeemed only if you’ve already lost something. However, if there’s such bonus available it can cheer you up a bit even after suffering some losses.

No matter which bonus you redeem, you should always keep an eye on offers. After all, it’s free money, so you shouldn’t waist an opportunity!

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