Foolproof Ways How to Find Out if Online Casino is Safe

传奇手游sfAlmost every casino player has at least once asked one crucial question: how safe is it really to play online casino games? Safety is a real concern always when dealing with money and internet, not to even mention there are more than a few rogue online casinos that might seem tempting but in reality never pay out your winnings. So, how to make sure your information and money are safe? Here are a few things you should consider.

Check whether the casino uses safety measures

传奇手游sfThe first red flag should be missing SSL certificate. Though it surely doesn’t mean hackers can’t ever access your information, it does add a layer of security.

传奇手游sfMore than that, all reputable casinos use a variety of safety measures, sophisticated encryption and more. If the casino site doesn’t refer to any safety measures being used, then it’s quite reasonable to assume they don’t use any.

Is the casino licensed and ran by a legitimate company?

传奇手游sfAs with every service provider, if you can’t find company details or licensing information from their website, it’s clear they have something to hide. All casinos should have company information listed on their website (usually on the ’contact’ or ’about us’ page). If you find their legal information, you can easily check business registries to confirm the company is truly registered and legitimate.

Most casinos have also obtained a number of official licenses in order to provide gambling opportunities for the people of that area. If such license is required in your state or country, make sure you find relevant information from the casino website as well. There’s nothing worse than playing in a casino that isn’t licensed since it often means there’s no chance of ever getting your winnings or deposited money back. European Union does , so if you play at a casino licenced in Estonia or Malta, you should be good to go.

传奇手游sfSome countries have their own licencing system. Whereas licence obtained from Malta covers all of the world, if you live in some European country where the lawmakers have decided to regulate gambling within that jurisdiction, you should stick to casinos licenced in that country. There are numerous examples, such as , where all international kazino have been blocked and you can only play at State licenced iGaming sites.

Fair software is a must

Every reputable casino maintains their software regularly and makes sure everything’s up to date. However, the factor that you should especially consider, is RNG testing. Testing the casino’s random number generator ensures the casino supports fair play and doesn’t tamper with the outcomes. All legitimate online casinos have stated something about RNG testing on their website, but if you can’t find any reference to such testing being done, there’s a good chance the casino might not use fair software or might even mess with the outcomes.

Check blacklists

传奇手游sfThere are several casino blacklists available online and those lists tell you more than plenty. A casino can end up in such list after practicing unethical strategies, tampering with games, having payout issues or crazily unfair gambling terms. No matter the reason, you should immediately opt for another casino that isn’t blacklisted.

Read reviews

传奇手游sfLast but not least, you should always take a quick look on reviews that have been published by other players. If vast majority claims something similar, there’s a fairly good chance it’s true and you might encounter such troubles yourself. Learn from the mistakes others have made and be clever by avoiding such casinos completely.

传奇手游sfPlaying in online casinos can be a safe and fun experience but only if you are careful. Don’t be afraid to take extreme caution – in the end, you are risking with your money.

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