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Aced Poker Review

传奇手游sfAced Poker has been around for several years. However, they have not always been available to the US poker market. This has recently changed as the Aced Poker site has recently changed domains. Aced is part of the Merge poker network along with the more commonly known Carbon Poker. If you are new to the poker network concept, it means that all of the poker players in the Merge poker network will be shared among the different poker sites that use the network.

Being a part of the same network, Aced and Carbon have many similar features which will be explained below. So the obvious question would be “Why would I want to play at Aced Poker instead of Carbon?” The simple answer is that you may have already used your sign-up bonus at Carbon and playing at Aced Poker will allow you to earn a similar bonus.

Aced offers a 200% sign up bonus up to $5,000 when you use the Deposit Bonus code ACEDPK. You must enter this code in the appropriate bonus code box when you are making your deposit (not after the deposit). The amount that you deposit is directly correlated to the amount that you can earn.

Most people aren’t going to be able to afford or want to trust any site with $2500, but the option is their if you want to earn the maximum amount. More likely, you are going to want to deposit at least $100 or up to a thousand if you are a baller. You will be able to earn twice the amount that you deposit in bonus money.

So, how does the bonus work?
传奇手游sf Unlike some of the other sites that have complicated bonus structures or levels to earn, Aced Poker makes it simple to understand. For every 1500 Reward Points that you earn, you will receive $10 into you account. You will have 90 days from the time of your deposit in order to earn your bonus money. After that, the bonus expires and the remaining money cannot be claimed.

How do you earn Reward Points
Reward Points are earned by playing at the real money poker tables. You will be contributing rake if you play at the Cash Games tables or tournament entry fees if you play in the Sit & Go’s or Tournaments. There are three reward tiers if you are a consistent player at Aced; otherwise, here is how the reward points are earned:

Ring Games: you will earn 10 Reward Points for every $1 of rake contributed. Fractional points are awarded if you play at the lower limit tables.

Sit & Go and MTTs: you will earn 10 Reward Points for every $1 paid for entry fees into the tournament.

The three reward tiers are Aced, Aced Plus and Aced Elite. These reward tiers are limited to players that earn a certain number of Reward Points in a month. The Aced Elite is invite only, so if you aren’t a diehard player, don’t ask.

The Aced level is relatively easy to receive. All you need to do is receive 500 Reward Points in the month. If you do this, you will receive a 10% Points for Cash exchange, meaning that you will only need 1000 Reward Points in order to receive the $10 cash bonus. You will also be eligible for the Reward Point tournament buy-in.

Aced Plus is more difficult and requires you to play much more often. You will need to 5,000 Reward Point in a month to be eligible for this. To put that into perspective, you will need to contribute $500 in rake or tournament entry fees combined in a month. If you do this, you will be eligible for 15% Points for Cash exchange, meaning that you will receive $150 cash bonus if you accumulate 10,000 Reward Points.

传奇手游sfIf you play at the Aced Plus level for several month in a row, you can ask to be invited into the Aced Elite level. This includes 35% Points for Cash exchange, VIP tournament buy-in, and exclusive bonuses, promotions, and tournament entry coupons. You must continue to play at this level month-to-month in order to maintain this elite level.

Other Promotions

传奇手游sfOne note about these other promotions: you can only claim one promotion or accolade at a time. If you claim an additional promotion or accolade, it will replace the current promotion or accolade that you are using. This means that you should continue with your Initial Deposit bonus until you have collected all of the cash or the promotion expires before you accept another one of these.

Mobile Poker
Aced Poker now offers a mobile poker app for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. You can find this by going to on your mobile’s browser.

传奇手游sfThere are both Cash Games and Sit & Go’s offered on this mobile platform. If you play in one Cash Game or Sit & Go, you will receive a special mobile accolade.

Reload Bonus
传奇手游sf If you are finished with your initial sign up bonus, you can use a monthly reload bonus. This month’s bonus code is APRIL375PK which is a 75% bonus up to $375. Each month will have a different reload bonus available to players. These bonuses expire 60 days after your deposit.

Happy Hour
You have to opt-in to this promotion. You will receive 1.5x the Reward Points when you play between 10:00AM ET and 3:00PM ET from Monday to Friday.

Free Poker Training
Earn 10 Reward Points to receive free poker training at DragTheBar for the current month and the next month. You must opt-in to this promotion by visiting the Poker Training page at the website. This is a great tool for any beginner or moderate poker player that wants to improve their skills.

William Hill Poker Review

For the UK visitors to the website, I’ve decided to review several of the poker rooms that are based over in England. Of those that specialise in British poker players, I find William Hill to be the top flight. You will find up to 20,000 poker players at the tables during peak hours (evenings and weekends).

Now, I know what you’re going to say; “Your not from England so how can you review these sites.” You have a good point. I can’t play at these poker rooms for real money. That doesn’t mean that I can’t play at the Play Money tables. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t watch the players at the Real Money tables and tournaments.

That just means that I can’t comment on how fast the transactions are. But, I know for a fact that depositing and withdrawing from poker accounts in the UK aren’t an issue. Unlike the U.S., England regulates the poker sites and gives a lot of different fast deposit and quick withdrawal options such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Neteller, CashDirect, Ukash, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, and many more.

William Hill Poker Features

传奇手游sfGetting started is easy. Simply download their free software and create your poker account. Then, log in and choose a Nickname. You will have access to the poker lobby as you can see below.

Next, click on the green Cashier button at the bottom of the screen to fund your account. Once you have done this, you will have access to enter and join any of the Cash Tables, Sit & Gos, Scheduled Tournaments, and Casino Games.

You will see all of the these options on the left side of the screen. You can filter out any of the table stakes and card games that you don’t want to see by sorting through the Choose Game section.

Above, you can see the poker room that you will enter. You can choose from Texas Hold’em, Omaha High, Omaha High Low, 7-Card Stud, Sit & Go Tournaments, Multi-Table Tournaments, Cash Games, Speed Poker and Casino Side Games.

If you have some down time, you can click on the Blackjack link to play a couple of hands while you wait for the next hand or between breaks during tournaments.

Poker Promotions

传奇手游sfYou can find a lot of promotions here including the William Hill Poker Bonus for new players who make their initial deposit at the poker room. It is a £10 Free with No Deposit Required. This way, you can give their Real Money tables a try without having to make a deposit. Use the Coupon Code WHP2000 at the Cashier.

传奇手游sfIn addition to that, there are monthly rewards, Summer Freerolls, Points Booster, Casino Refund, and the $20,000 Summer Spirit. View the Bonus Terms for more details. This winter, you can play in the Caribbean Poker Tour at Will Hill (8th to 25th November) as well as Irish Winter Festival (26th to 28th October).

Poker Tournaments

There are plenty of tournaments to play at weekly and in the upcoming months. This includes the £45,000 Super Series, the Friday $40,000, the Saturday $25,000, and the Sunday $150,000 guaranteed.

传奇手游sfThere are also lots of daily poker tourneys with more modest prize pools. Check out the Sit & Gos if you want a better chance to win some money. Simply sit down at a table and wait for the one to four table poker tournament to begin. You can choose the stakes to match your bankroll. The general rule of thumb is that you should always have at least 20 buy-ins left when you are choosing a poker tournament.

Bovada Poker Review

传奇手游sfBovada has been earning their reputation as the best choice for players in the United States. You will usually find roughly 500 players in the Cash Games section even during non-peak hours (I.E. working hours and in the middle of the night). This easily goes over 2000 players during the peak hour in the evening.

The Scheduled Tournaments section offers at least 1500 players at any given time. This increases two or three fold when you play during peak hours. This lets you know that the state of online poker USA isn’t dead yet.

传奇手游sfThe number of players that are in the Sit & Go Tournaments sections can leave something to be desired, however. You may only want to play in this section during the peak playing hours. Otherwise, you may be waiting for 10 minutes or more to get one of these small one or two table tournaments started.

The state of online poker in the US has been in decline now for more than 2 years. However, there are companies that are taking steps towards the complete legalization of this game for Americans. You can find several of these companies promoting themselves in the states that have already legalized online poker rooms such as Nevada and New Jersey.

Bovada Poker Features

One of the features that some people like about Bovada Poker (and also some people hate) is that there are anonymous tables when you play. This means that the tracking software that a lot of the pros use will not work. It also means that you will not have a clue who is a great poker player until they start beating up on you.

Most of the times, this only really affects the Cash Games that are offered. It is the only time where you can sit down for hours at the same table and face the same players. People can tell based on your experience level with the numbers that they get from the trackers how they should play against you.

Most of the tournaments are played differently. Since everybody starts with the same amount of money in the tournament, you just have to be aware of which players are aggressive and which players are tight. This is just the same as if you were going into a live poker tournament against players you’ve never played before. It usually doesn’t take more than 30 hands to figure most non-pros out.

You will find most of the normal features that are found at any online poker room. However, there are a couple of nice ones that I’ll point out. For instance, you can check the box to Hide Empty Tables if you don’t want to be the first one to enter or save a table. This way you can at least start to play against someone else right away.

There are the normal check boxes that will allow you to sort between the various card games, the buy-in amount, and the table limits. You will find three sections where the Cash Games, Sit & Go Tournaments and Scheduled Tournaments can be found.

In addition to that, you can find the new Zone Poker tables. This feature mimics the Rush Poker tables that you may have encountered if you played at Full Tilt Poker. You can choose to play the hand that you are dealt or you can Fold Now and be moved to a new table where you will quickly be dealt another hand.

传奇手游sfSince the Zone Poker is new, there isn’t a tremendous number of players that are participating yet. However, I do see one table where there are almost 100 players in action.

传奇手游sfThere is also one other option in the poker section which is the Single Player Blackjack tables. This is the one casino game that you do not need to log into the casino in order to play. You can play these blackjack games from the Poker Client while you are playing at the tables. This can be useful if you are waiting 5 or 10 minutes for the Tournament Break to finish and start play again.

Customer Support and Cashouts

Everyone that plays these online games knows that depositing and making money is only half of the battle. Many of the poker rooms or online casinos will take up to 2 weeks to get money back into your bank account. Not with Bovada! They have by far the best customer support and the fastest cashouts by far for the USA facing sites.

传奇手游sf* Note – Citizens of the following US states should not participate at Bovada: Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington. There are specific state laws that forbid playing online poker in these states. *

Full Tilt Poker Games & Tournaments

传奇手游sfFull Tilt Poker offers a wider selection of poker games and tournaments than the majority of competitors.

传奇手游sfWith traffic starting to grow at the poker site again (5000+ Players on Average) the tables are filling up quickly and there is plenty of action on the felt.

Types of Poker Games at Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker spreads over a dozen poker games that can be played on real money tables. Full Tilt offers Holdem, Omaha (Hi/Lo), 7 Card Stud (Hi/Lo), HA, 5 Card Draw, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, 2-7 Single Draw, a-5 Triple Draw, 10-Game Mix and HORSE.

传奇手游sfThe poker games above can be played at varying limits (NL, PL & FL) and stakes ($.01/$.02 to $2000/$4000). No other poker site has as ring table games with stakes as high as Full Tilt Poker (click here for source), which is why FTP is home to many of the world’s pro players.

Watching the nosebleed tables was a popular pastime for many aspiring poker players. Action on the high stakes poker table is starting to pick up again at Full Tilt Poker with the likes of Phil Ivey, Scott Seiver, Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom all playing.

From time to time Full Tilt runs promotions where their team pros play on designated low stake tables. Keep your eye out for these promos because it could be your chance to play against a player like Dwan or Blom in a real money cash game.

传奇手游sfFull Tilt Poker spreads real money games and play money games that allow you to practice with play money chips. If you don’t know how to play one of the more exotic poker games like 10-Game Mix you can learn how on the play money tables for free.

Types of Poker Tournaments at Full Tilt

Full Tilt runs a lot of great poker tournaments with millions on the line every week. They have the common tournament formats such as re-entry, multi-entry, double/triple chance, turbo, super turbo, rebuy, knockout and shootout tournaments.

传奇手游sfOne of the unique tournament formats is the “Cashout Tournament” where you have the option to cash out your chips. You can opt to cash in 10% of your chip stack or 100% of your stack during a tournament at anytime when playing this tourney format.

There are a variety of sit and go tournaments as well at Full Tilt. You can play heads-up 4-way, 6-way, single table or multi-table sit and go tournaments 24/7. There are also steps S&G’s and Matrix S&G’s, which is a format where you play 4 S&G’s at once.

Full Tilt offers players the chance to win and purchase (FTP’s) tournament tickets (T$). T$ is basically a second currency, but it can’t be exchanged for real money. You can only use your T$ to enter tournaments at Full Tilt Poker.

Tournaments are Full Tilt Poker have synchronized 5-minute breaks, so that if you’re playing in multiple tournaments your break will be at the same time in every tournament. Some tournaments also allow you to register late in case you missed the start.

Signing Up to Full Tilt Poker

The only way you can get in on the action at Full Tilt Poker is to download the free software from FTP. Full Tilt will only work on the computer and not mobile devices currently. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

传奇手游sfPlayers in the United States won’t be able to play in the poker room, but almost every other country is welcome. You need to fill out a simple registration form and make a deposit using one of the many deposit methods before you can play for real money.

Full Tilt Poker Review

More poker players each day are turning to the online poker sites for their poker play. They are taking notice to everything the online poker rooms have to offer. Everyone has heard of Full Tilt Poker. But what exactly makes the better than any of the rest of the online poker powerhouses?

Well, if you have watched any poker tournament, MMA fight or any other similar sporting event, you will no doubt see Full Tilt Poker everywhere. They are pretty much the Budweiser of online poker. That means that this is the place that you will find the most ordinary people to play. The people hear about them on TV and want to give it a try.

传奇手游sfWhat that means to you is that you need to be able to find these people and get them to make mistakes. The average person who hasn’t been playing for years has several key tells and tenancies, which you can find out more about here.

The name of the game is giving yourself an advantage. Sometimes the absolute correct play backfires, but you should be able to win money off of a lot of players if you are good. Many people will pretty much spend all day winning money. While you should avoid these player, take a look at how they play and see if you can draw anything from that.

Full Tilt Poker Features

Poker Variety: The games at Full Tilt are considered to be some of the best. Players will be able to choose between such games as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and variations of those games. One really special thing about Full Tilt is that it also offers its players Rush Poker; this game has really captured the attention of a lot of poker players.

Rush Poker gives players the ability to play more games by moving them immediately to a new game after each fold so they don’t have to wait for the hand to finish before beginning a new one. Rush Poker is one game any poker player will want to make sure they try out.

Promotions:传奇手游sf Full Tilt is a very generous online poker site that knows the importance of showing their appreciation to their players and keeping them excited. This is why they strive to offer some of the most exciting promotions to their players. New players will be able to take advantage of a 100% initial deposit bonus which is good for as much as $600!

传奇手游sfThis is a great way to be welcomed to a new site. Their other promotions make for great competition and offer exciting prizes. Players will want to check the promotions section of the site often since Full Tilt makes it a point of updating their promotions. It may also help to find the latest Full Tilt poker referral code before depositing.

Software: The software at Full Tilt offers players a secure and smooth running gaming environment. The graphics are amazing and the features have a lot to offer. The software allows for players to take more control of their playing environment and customize it so they can play the way they want to.

It has been designed to give players a clean gaming environment with a look and feel to it that will astound them and keep them comfortable and enjoying the time they spend playing there. Full Tilt prides itself on the amount of security that it has to offer their players so they can sit back and enjoy playing without any worries or concerns about their information being jeopardized.

Site Navigation: Full Tilt is a very well designed and laid out site that is very user friendly. It uses simple top link and left side navigation to guide players through the various sections of the site. Full Tilt also offers players a lot of content which is very helpful at explaining the process and other aspects of their online poker to players. The site is designed in a way which is both pleasing to the eye and exciting. It really gets players in the mood to enjoy some great poker right from the start.

Deposit Methods: Full Tilt offers their players the ability to securely deposit their funds into their Full Tilt account by using eChecks, credit cards, or cash transfer.

New Poker Room for US Players

Intertops is a trusted name when it comes to sportsbetting and online casinos. Starting today, Intertops is now offering a poker room and will accept all players from the United States.

传奇手游sfYou can try Intertops poker for free. All you have to do is download Intertop’s poker software and create a free account. Then, just give the play money ring games a try.

传奇手游sfOne of the things I like about Intertops poker is that you can choose an avatar that sits at the poker table. Currently there are only about 15 but the site is brand new.

传奇手游sfHere are some of the things that Intertops poker is offering: Over $6 Million guaranteed in poker tournaments every month. Satellites to various live and online events including seats to the 2010 WSOP. More than 10,000 active players during peak hours.

Not only that, but the one account is all you need if you want to try Intertops sportsbook or casino.

Intertops Poker Tournaments

Intertops features a nice tournaments page that is easily sortable. They are featuring the following types of online poker tournaments: Texas Hold’em; Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo; Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo.

You can also sort the tournaments out by the type of tournament. The types include Sit & Go, Freerolls, Satellites, Events and Gold Tournaments. The buy-ins are clearly marked along with the number of people enrolled and whether the tournament is No Limit, Pot or Limit betting. Currently the $10 buy-ins seem to be the most popular.

Want to play in an online tournament with just your poker buddies? You can set up a private tournament that only the people you invite can play in.

Weekly and Monthly Tournaments

Intertops is holding weekly $125,000 poker tournaments every Sunday at 5PM EST. You can qualify through satellites or buy-in directly.

Also, Intertops poker offers their players a monthly $250,000 tournament with the winner getting over $50K! In order to qualify for these tournaments, you must win a satellite or you can win them with 3 Gold Chips which are earned through Frequent Player Points. You can also be rewarded with a seat just for playing for real at any table. Intertops calls this the Gold Card Lottery and they award between 10 and 30 free seats a month.

Intertops Poker Promotions

传奇手游sfIntertops wants to get you to play with them. That is why they are offering a 110% welcome bonus worth up to $600! The money is paid out in $10 increments. These will automatically be credited to your account when you get enough FPPs. You need 166.67 FPPs for every $10 increment.

Also, watch out for reload bonuses. These reload bonuses will require a bonus code and these will only be sent to your email when you sign up to play.

Pacific Poker Review

传奇手游sfPacific Poker is the poker portal of one of the most well known online gaming companies in the world – 888 Holdings. If you are at all interesting in online gambling, you will have heard the name; this is an extremely large, well respected company that trades on the stock exchange.

传奇手游sfWhat that means for you as a player is that playing at Pacific Poker is going to be a safe, enjoyable, and thoroughly professional experience. One hears things from time to time about the alleged shadiness of certain sites – this is not one of them. All of the above help Pacific Poker to be one of the best online poker sites.

Let’s take a closer look.

Installing the Software

Upon visiting the Pacific Poker website, you’ll be greeted with a little popup offering you the chance to download their software. It’s around 300k in size, it really doesn’t take that long at all. Once you launch it, it fetches the rest of data it needs off the Pacific Poker servers. From start to finish, the procedure took about 6 minutes.

传奇手游sfOf course, the installed app is for Windows based computers only. If you’re on a Mac – or simply away from your regular computer – there is an “instant play” version of the poker client that will run in any flash enabled browser. This means you can effectively play anywhere, any time, provided you have access to the Internet – which offers great flexibility.


From my experience, I’d say that Pacific Poker is built for speed. The graphics aren’t as lush as, perhaps, some of the 3D poker clients available out there today, but then you didn’t come here to look at pretty pictures. You came here to play. And what Pacific Poker offers is relentless action.

To take the client for a spin, played a few heads-up games with some willing participants. Games begin as soon as the requisite number of players have signed on for poker tournaments or sit-and-gos, and I didn’t have to wait more than 30 seconds for the action to kick off.

This site is fast. If anything, I found myself kind of wishing that I had more time to act. Granted, the length of decision time you have varies from game to game, but you need to be clear headed if you’re going to play online texas holdem.


传奇手游sfPacific Poker offers 5 basic types of poker play: Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Stud, and 7 Stud Hi/Lo. This selection covers most of the popular combative styles of multi-player poker available today. They also have a lot of poker tips.

Within each section you’ll find Ring Games, Sit and Goes, Tournaments and Jackpot games. With Texas Hold’em, there’s also a Quick Seat feature that I really like – you just punch in the type of game you’re looking for and it registers you for the next game of that type. It gets you where you want to be quickly.


888 Holdings is a huge company, and do business with just about everybody. Consequently the list of deposit and withdrawal options is just about the most comprehensive I have seen anywhere. Credit cards, debit cards, 15 different kinds of bank transfer, 11 different e-Wallets (miraculously, including PayPal) … there’s definitely at least one here that you can use.

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