7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Playing Online Blackjack

传奇手游sfBlackjack is notorious for two reasons – it is simple and it has tens of strategies out there that promise you will earn a quick buck when using such strategies. Unfortunately, nearly all of these strategies are nothing but scams that don’t really work, meaning you are likely to lose money. As Blackjack is surrounded by so many myths and issues, we put together this quick list so you could avoid some of the greatest mistake you could ever make while playing Blackjack.

1. Using the Martingale system (or any other progressive system)

There’s nearly no Blackjack fan that hasn’t at least heard about this infamous strategy. Essentially, the strategy states that after every loss you should double your next bet so in the long run you would compensate the lost amount and stay profitable. The followers of the Martingale system claim it’s impossible to lose money this way, however you can clearly see the biggest error in the strategy. If you’re on a losing streak, doubling your bet can drain your bankroll until you end up with nothing.

2. Betting on side bets

传奇手游sfSide bets are tempting because they are cheap, but the house edge is so high that there’s nearly no chance for you to win a nice sum in the long run. It’s better to just avoid side bets completely.

3. Playing with a CSM

传奇手游sfContinuous shuffling machine is an automatic shuffler that’s created to make the dealer’s life a little easier. As with side bets, the house edge remains very high and hardly even changes from one round to the next one, so it’s another clever way for the casino to earn more money. The house edge can even increase every round, which makes playing with a CSM pretty unreasonable. That’s also one of the reasons why you should prefer live Blackjack over an automated computer version.

4. Playing a game that pays 6-5

You should keep 6-5 payoff Blackjack games far away from you as they unfortunately increase the house edge quite significantly. 6-5 payoff essentially means that for a 10-dollar bet you would get 12 dollars. It’s more reasonable to stick to the more common 3-2 payoff.

5. Not paying attention to the rules

传奇手游sfBlackjack may be easy but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the table rules. Not all tables are created equal and just a slight deviation might bring you greater losses. By taking a brief look at the rules, you’ll just avoid unnecessary troubles later.

6. Overbetting

There’s no denying that Blackjack can be thrilling, however you should treat it cautiously as with every gambling type. It’s easy to fall into the bottomless pit of overbetting and depleting your bankroll just for the sake of hopefully making up the losses. Set a solid budget and don’t overstep it.

7. Not using bonuses

One of the perks of playing Blackjack in online casinos is the variety of available casino bonuses. Would you ever say no to free money? Probably not, so why do it in a casino? Before starting the game, make sure you’ve claimed possible bonuses.

Even if you are tempted to give some strategies a try, don’t rely on them too heavily. Trust your instincts and play for fun, not for winning.

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